EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction):
Durable Construction & Energy (DCE) is able to perform fully-integrated turn-key solutions for the successful implementation of solar PV projects. From A to Z, we plan the whole process taking care of every detail to guarantee the utmost project completion. 

At the heart of this solution is the deep dedication of a global solar EPC firm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). 

Durable Construction & Energy (DCE) offers customized electric power supply solutions in AC or DC technology. They are tailored to the requirements of each individual application. 

We provide comprehensive project management, from initial site surveys to expert installation and commissioning to get PV systems up and running smoothly, safely and swiftly whatever their size and whatever the application. 

We know that no two power sites are ever the same. In early stage, our engineers will undertake an in-depth site survey covering factors such as Load Profile, Power Consumption, Energy Audit, PV Plant Spaces, Indoor Technical areas, etc… Our detailed and professional assessment is completed on time and without business disruption.

Business Plan: 
Since Photovoltaic projects are an investment and not a cost, the financial aspects are taking a center place in DCE operations and services offered to our clients. We support and assist our clients through the process of the governmental subsidized loan request with their preferred financial institution or bank. 

Working closely with the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) and the ministry of Energy, we prepare a fully business plans and technical reports in order to be qualified for the subsidized Energy Loans offered by the Banque Du Liban under the NEERA program at extremely low interest rates, as low as 0.6%.