Battery is an electrical storage device. However, only Industrial batteries are durable and reliable. They can be used until they get completely drained off, without affecting the battery’s life cycle or its performance. They last much longer than ordinary batteries and deliver consistent high yield performance year after year.
Industrial batteries connected to an “Intelligent” inverter/charger will scale back, when needed, the energy stored within. Batteries are necessary during power grid failure or when no other solar electrical power is produced i.e. night time, covered period, etc.



An inverter charger is basically an inverter and a mains battery charger combined into a single unit.
An inverter is a device that converts DC (Direct Current) power into AC (Alternating Current) power.
An “intelligent” inverter/charger will manage all of your mains power. This means they know exactly what power combination is being used and can make smart decisions using this information.
Inverter chargers are able to scale back the amount of charge they are putting into a battery to ensure continuous power during outages of governmental utilities companies (EDL).
An inverter/charger will determine the adequate battery charging profile in order not to harm the batteries and shorten their life cycle.


The solar electrical charge controller controls the incoming charge from the solar panels. 
A solar panel pumps electricity but has no control over how much it does or how the battery receives it. It’s the charge controller, sometimes called a charge regulator that sits between the solar panel and the battery that regulates the voltage and the current and essentially halts charging activity temporally when necessary.


Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are commonly named photovoltaic panels or modules.
The more sunlight that hits a cell, the more electricity it produces. 
When a number of solar or photovoltaic modules are installed together, this is commonly referred to as a solar array, or photovoltaic array. Arrays are a great way to increase the potential of a solar electricity system, to provide a greater output of electricity.