‚ÄčThe average diesel price doubled between 2004 and 2010 and the trend continues. At the same                                                                  time, no other technology has realized such cost reductions in the market as photovoltaic                                                                            systems.

                                                                 Oil and gas prices are continuously on the rise and will continue into the future, while                                                                                    increasing our reliance on major companies and potentially authoritarian electricity providers,                                                                    as they require enormous costly power plants and distribution grids. The supply of energy for                                                                    the times to come can only be assured if we start using renewable energy sources now. Our                                                                        needs for energy independency and self-sufficiency are becoming more and more urgent.


The sunlight is free and plentiful which means that the solar power generated from the sun will soon overcome traditional sources in cost-effectiveness. In comparison to older times, solar energy has becoming today the reference technology, setting a new economic milestone.

 Solar Energy does not require urban infrastructure to reach every household, it is environmentally-friendly, local, private, affordable and what is the most important, you can find it everywhere.

 Solar power is the only type of energy which can be produced anywhere on the surface of the earth.

 Lebanon is blessed by the number of sunny days per year in comparison to other regions in the world thus we have to benefit from this priceless advantage.

 Accordingly, solar based solutions will reduce our dependence on unreliable Electricity providers and will protect our power bill from uncontrolled increases.

 Solar solutions are based mainly on having solar panels to absorb the power generated from the sunlight and transforming it to electricity which can be directly consumed or stored for later usage. In case the power generated from the PV panels is in excess, it can be sold to the utility company (EDL), no wasted energy anymore.

 Benefits from Installing Photovoltaic Systems 

1. Energy Independency: During sunny days, any facility can produce its own electrical energy without the need for any external source of energy. Using stand-alone photovoltaic system the problem of the grid cutoff hours is solved. Industrial batteries are charged using solar energy and provide electrical energy to the facility for a specified period of time (battery autonomy).

 2. Lower Energy Costs: Due to the dramatic rise of the price of fuel and the significant reduction of the photovoltaic system price, it is more economical to use solar energy than to use fuel energy. Moreover, in contrast with the generators photovoltaic system requires minimum maintenance, which reduces the running cost of the system to almost zero.

 3. Electrical System Stability: The high efficient photovoltaic inverter provides clean and stable Alternative Current, this aspect reflects positively on the electrical equipment life expectancy.

 4. Reduction of Green Gases Emissions: Solar systems are pollution proof systems; and since no combustion is used, there are no toxic gases emissions. Moreover, most Photovoltaic System components are recyclable.



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