Fuel Saving Solution the Industrial Hybrid System

There are areas where there is a limited or no access to the energy Grid and the power peak demand is above 200KW; as a consequence facilities in these areas rely mainly on the generators to satisfy their electrical energy needs. Due to the dramatic increase of the price of fuel, the cost of electrical energy is also increasing, for this reason a substitute or a complement of the diesel generators is a necessity.

Durable Construction & Energy offers the Fuel Saving solution dedicated to such facilities in hard conditions.

Fuel Saving Solution is the smart integration of photovoltaic system into large scale Diesel system power generation using Hybrid System Technology.

Photovoltaic system efficiently complements electricity generators in sunny regions and reduces fuel consumption. Using this approach, the purpose of the PV system is not to replace the generators as in the other solutions, on the contrary, the generators are always on duty and the photovoltaic system is helping them to supply the loads.

Using Fuel Save Solution, the PV energy penetration can reach 60% of the total energy supplied to the loads. If the load is variable, the PV system energy production varies according to the load in a manner that the load of the generators does not fall below 40% in order for the generators to operate in a reliable and stable state.