Irrigate now your field using only Solar Energy: No EDL grid, generator or batteries needed; just the SUN will do it!

DCE installs Photovoltaic Pumping Systems to power new and already existing irrigation systems.

The beauty of using PV panels and solar pumping system is you get water when you tend to need it most, when the sun is shining full blast.

Solar Water Pumping system is ideal for remote locations where Grid electricity does not exist and all the loads are supplied by a Diesel Generator. The Solar Pumping system requires no external source; the system creates its own grid and operates efficiently the pump as long the available PV energy is sufficient.

Solar Water pumping can help offset the cost of traditional irrigation fuels and utility grid cost. More the pump runs, the greater the opportunity for savings from solar increases.

It should be noted that even though the flow rate of the pump is variable with respect to the available solar energy, at the end of a sunny day, the solar pumping system is able to deliver the required volume of water.

The Advantages of Solar Pumping:

  • No additional operating cost from fuel
  • No maintenance required (No spare parts, no oil….)
  • No replacement for existing pumps
  • Clean Source of energy with low noise
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Expandable system, the bigger the PV system is, the bigger the pump capacity